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Let's Value Our Blessings That Come From God

We usually highly value the material blessings we receive. But if we have received Christ in our hearts, you are a blessed of God. Because this is not only a material matter, but also of blessings that come from God, which have been purchased with the Blood of Christ on the cross of ordeal.

Blessings most people never think about, or many, have never heard of, but they are blessings we can ask for and are the result of our relationship with Jesus Christ.


1. God chose us from before the foundation of the world.

Ephesians 1: 3-8 "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we might be holy and unspotted before him , in love having predestined us to be adopted his children through Jesus Christ, according to the pure affection of his will, for praise of the glory of his grace, with which he made us accept us in the Beloved, in whom we have redemption for his blood, the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of his grace, which made him abound for us in all wisdom and intelligence,

According to this Word, God has already blessed us with ALL blessing in the heavenly places, that we might be holy and unspotted. God chose us and created us, loved us, predestined us to carry out our purpose in life, made us accept us in the BELOVED in whom we have redemption of sins, that is, we are forgiven.

Gentlemen, as children of God, let us see how rich we are. We're rich in things that money can't buy and that no one can take from us. 

This solves life before, during and after time. And only the Almighty God, the Author of the universe, can make this kind of promise.

Therefore, every child of God must appropriate these verses.


2. God has sealed us like his children.

Ephesians 1:13 "In him you too, having heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and having believed in it, were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise,

What God has promised is fulfilled. No one can break that seal given by the Holy Spirit of God, the Almighty and Sovereign God of the universe.

These are blessings that have already been bought. Purchased with the Blood of Jesus and wrapped in the Grace of Jesus Christ for those who are willing to believe Him.


3. God has given us gifts.

Ephesians 12:7-11 "But each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for profit. For this is given by the Spirit word of wisdom; another, word of science according to the same Spirit; to another, faith for the same Spirit; and to another, gifts of healing by the same Spirit. To another, to perform miracles; another, prophecy; to another, discernment of spirits; at another, various genres of languages; and another, interpretation of languages. But all these things are done by one and the same Spirit, giving each one in particular as he wants.

The Holy Spirit has given us different gifts: word of wisdom, of science, of faith, of healings, of miracles, professing, discernment of spirits, tongues, and interpretation of languages. God made this promise and has given us gifts so that we can achieve whatever He has in mind for his life.

And it all comes down to one word: Gifts of Service, to serve God's people, but do not think that you have to serve someone, because whom we truly serve is God and whatever we do we are serving Him. 


4. God loves us.

Jeremias 31:3 "The Lord manifested himself to me long ago, saying, With eternal love I have loved thee; therefore, I prolonged my mercy to you. 

Think about this: God loves me. There are many people who do not feel loved, but let me tell you that God loves us without exeption.

Who else can say: "I have loved you with eternal love" 

You know how long the eternal lasts, this means that it never ceases, that it is never interrupted, that God loves us 24 hours a day.

Someone can say, "And why does this or that happen to me." I can't answer that, but he can tell you that nothing happens to God's children without their knowledge, without their presence, and without their power. That is, He is in control of everything, every aspect of our lives. And if God permitted it, it is because He will take every circumstance of life and change it for good if we trust in Him.

If we recognize that God loves us and cares about us, He tells us, "Do not be troubled our hearts, nor be afraid, because moment by moment, you have the presence of Almighty God."

And when we believe this Word, then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding descends upon us.

God wants us to have peace, to be united with Him so that we may have His joy, his love, and his satisfaction in difficult times. We are definitely blessed in ways we never think.


5. God will meet all our needs.

Philippians 4:19 "My God will therefore fill all that you lack according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

God doesn't tell us he'll beg for anything we want. By trusting in Christ Jesus as our Savior, we are under the shadow of a sovereign God, who will not only fill us with all that is missing from us, but will do so in the time we need him and at the best time.

God will take care of us no matter what.

But the most valuable poses are: the presence of God, the power of God, and the knowledge of God. We are truly blessed of God, blessed with eternal life that never ceases, with the presence of the Almighty God, who answers our prayers and says, "I will never leave you, I will never unsettle you, I will supplant your needs."


6. We have the privilege of prayer.

Look around you, God created all that, the sovereign God created it. And we have the privilege of speaking to Him. The reason you don't know him is because you don't read his Book.

It is not a distant person, but a personal, close, warm God, who sent His Son Jesus Christ so that we could recognize that He feels what we feel, understands when we suffer, understands when we do not understand. That's the God we serve.


7. We have the divine promise of our resurrection.

1 Corinthians 15: 51-52 "Behold, I say unto you a mystery: We shall not all sleep; but we will all be transformed, in a moment, into the blink of an eye, to the trumpet final; for the trumpet will be played, and the dead will be resurrected incorruptible, and we will be transformed.

God's promise is that one day, we will be resurrected and transformed for eternity. That is, there is a resurrection for every child of God, a new body that exists forever with Almighty God.

The Blood of Christ has cleansed us, purified us before his eyes. God is our God and is not a fictional idea, He is God, the Sovereign God of the universe.


8. God has given us His Word.

Of all that exists on earth, the Word of God is 1. Here it is how it started and how it will end. Here's what's going to happen from start to finish. The Word of God.

1 Peter 1: 24-25 " For all flesh is like grass, And all the glory of man as a flower of grass. The grass dries, and the flower falls off; But the word of the Lord remains forever. And this is the word that the gospel has proclaimed to you.

The Word of God is living, effective, and eternal. Stay forever. 

Let us pray: Thank you Lord for having chosen us from before the foundation of the world to be holy and unspotted, adopted to be your children, forgiven of our sins, justified and entitled to enter the throne of grace, in addition to having sealed us with your Holy Spirit, your possession, to enjoy us in your presence, filled with your everlasting love, equipped with spiritual gifts to serve you and your people, who meet all our needs. Thank you because we are a people acquired to proclaim the goodness of Jesus. Amen.

 Source: Thank you Pastor Charles Stanley for your teachings.


The Battle Is of the Lord

The battle of the Lord does not mean that you sit down and do nothing, while God does absolutely everything. Because when a problem comes, we don't always do what we have to do first. And that's the first thing we have to do, look for God.

Very often we run to other people, and it is not that it is bad, but we should not go to others first, until we have asked God, if that is the person we should go to.

Sometimes He does not want us to go to anyone, because it is time for us to learn to hear God for ourselves. Well, you're supposed to search it and find it for yourself. Since this is based on the Word.

Jehoshaphat knew it was necessary to go to God.

2 Cronicas 20: 1-2 "After these things, it came to pass that the children of Moab and Ammon, and with them others of the Ammonites, came against Jehoshaphat to war. And some came and warned Jehoshaphat, saying, A great multitude cometh against thee from the other side of the sea, and of Syria; and behold they are in Hazezon-tamar, which is En-gadi. Then he was afraid; and Jehoshaphat humiliated his face to consult the Lord.

 Jehoshaphat was afraid and knew that the place where he was squared against the enemy is the place of blessing, and this is true in our lives, because we have learned more from God when we have been through anything in life.

So what he did:

1. Jehoshaphat determined to seek God's help.

2 Cronicas 2:3-4 " ….. and Jehoshaphat humiliated his face to consult the Lord, and made a pout of fasting to all Judah. And the people of Judah gathered together to ask the Lord for help; and also of all the cities of Judah came to ask the Lord for help.

He knew that it was not an option, but that God's hearing was vital if he wanted to defeat his enemies and proclaimed fasting throughout Judah. Because when we seek God, He will give us the gift of faith, which is the faith that goes beyond ordinary faith. Which empowers us to do something or take a step toward something that has frightened us.

God has given us a faith to know that He will provide us with what we need and even more to bless others. And He continues to provide, but we must do what we must do, seek God diligently and perseveringly.

And continue to believe that God will keep His promises.

So we must keep our eyes on God, clinging to Him and not on people. Then the peace that surpasses all understanding will come upon what should be done, or what not to do.

Sometimes a divine encounter of God with someone can provide what you need or open the doors for you.

2. Jehoshaphat manifests to God how great he is, how amazing he is, and how powerful He is.

2 Cronicas 20: 5-6 "Then Jehoshaphat stood in the assembly of Judah and Jerusalem, in the house of the Lord, before the new atrium; and said, Lord God of our fathers, art thou not God in heaven, and have dominion over all the kingdoms of the nations? Isn't it in your hand such strength and power, that there is no one to resist you? 

 Here Jehoshaphat was getting on the good side of God. We see someone worshipping God, declaring God's greatness before presenting his problem.

It would not be good if even during the day, we say to God, "I need you Lord, thank you for being with me today, I just want you to know that I am nothing without you, I love you Lord."

2 Cronicas 20 7-9 "Did thou not cast out the inhabitants of this land before thy people Israel, and gave it to the seed of Abraham thy friend forever? And they have dwelt in it, and have built themselves in it sanctuary in thy name, saying, If evil come upon us, or sword of punishment, or pestilence, or famine, we shall stand before this house, and before thee (for thy name is in this house) , and because of our tribulations we will cry out to you, and you will hear us and save.

 What Jehoshaphat was saying to God is: You are amazing, we belong to you, we are your people, this is your land, we are your possession, this is your sanctuary.

3. Finally, he's about to tell God he's got a problem.

You've noticed well everything That Jehoshaphat first said to God before you asked him for anything?

I wonder how many of us approach God when we have a problem, with an attitude of worship, or we just say, you have to help me with this.

This is the same as saying: I will just go and listen to the Word of God and say to God: Lord I need your help, I can't take it anymore.

NO," let's start making a sacrifice of worship: Thank you for all the blessings in my life.

Let me tell you something: worship and praise must have more weight than petition. Amen.

2 Chronicles 20: 10-11 "Now, therefore, behold the sons of Ammon and of Moab, and those of Mount Seir, to whose land thou hast not wanted Israel to pass when he came from the land of Egypt, but to turn away from them, and not destroy them; Behold, they give us the payment by coming to throw us out of the inheritance that you gave us in possession.

They reminded God: that people you didn't let us destroy, behold, they are trying to drive us out of your possession.

So Jehoshaphat talks about how amazing God is, then he recounts the powerful deeds that God has fulfilled in the past, then he mentions his problem. But sometimes, we talk most of the time about the problem and very little time about how big God is.

2 Cronicas 20: 12 "O our God! Won't you judge them? For in us there is no strength against such a great multitude that comes against us; we don't know what to do, and we turn our eyes to you.

Here is a great lesson of humility:

To. We're incompetent against them.

B. We don't know what to do.

C. Our eyes are on you.

What Jehoshaphat was saying to God: We have no power to defeat this enemy, we cannot do this without you, we do not know what to do even if we try, but our eyes are on you.

Let's apply this at the level of daily life: "Lord I have tried everything and nothing works, but now my eyes are finally on you."  

Psalm 138: 6 "For the Lord is exalted and attends to the humble".

God I'm not able to do this, and I know you can do what I can't. If we have been able to do it, it does not mean that God cannot do it, but that He has hoped that we will realize it.

Maybe some have given up hope because their affairs haven't been working, "I've tried everything and I don't know what you want me to do." Here's the point: if everything hasn't worked, then He wants you to do nothing for a moment.

John 15:5 "I am the vine and you are the pampas; He who remains in me, and I in him, he bears much fruit; because separated from me you can do nothing."

 Do not begin your devotional to God with requests, start with gratitude, think about the people God has put into your life, they are a blessing to you. Don't start by telling him everything that hurts, give him thanks for what he's got and it still works.

2 Cronicas 20: 13 "And all Judah stood before the Lord, with his children and his wives, and his children.

4. Jehoshaphat and the whole town was in a waiting attitude.

And to expect is not to be physically busy, but to be spiritually busy. You're believing, you're trusting, you're praising.

Waiting means having anticipation, looking and longing for God.

Isaias 40:31 "Those who wait for the Lord will have new strength, they will raise wings like eagles, run and not get tired, walk, and not fatigue."

It is not that he is passively waiting, he is while he receives his miracle, meditating on the Word, worshipping God, surrendering to Him. But you'll say to God, "I hope you talk to me, I hope you come, I'll look for you, I long for you."

Therefore, hope means that at any moment, something amazing will happen in your life. When you expect to hear from God, don't expect a big explosion.

The more He walks with God, He expects you to walk by faith, not by signs and wonders and confirmations and miracles.

2 Cronicas 20: 14-17 "And there was Jahaziel the son of Zechariah, the son of Benaiah, the son of Jeiel, the son of Mataniah, a Levite of the children of Asaf, upon whom the Spirit of the Lord came in the midst of the meeting; and said, Hear, Judah all, and ye dwell in Jerusalem, and thou, King Jehoshaphat. The Lord says unto you thus, Fear not or be frightened before this great multitude, for it is not your war, but of God. Tomorrow you will descend against them; Behold, they shall go up the slope of Sis, and ye shall find them by the stream, before the jerel desert. There will be no what you fight for in this case; Stand up, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you. O Judah and Jerusalem, fear neither fear nor faint; Go out tomorrow against them, for the Lord will be with you.

God gave someone else a word to give to Jehoshaphat. They were clearly told what to do, but it was after waiting, and it wasn't until He spoke to them.

They took faith for this day, they had experience with God, they knew their position.

2 Cronicas 18-19 "Then Jehoshaphat bowed his face to the ground, and also all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem prostrated theself before the Lord, and worshipped the Lord. And the Levites of the children of Coat and of the children of Coré rose, to praise the Lord the God of Israel with a loud and loud voice.

Then Jehoshaphat bowed face to earth and also all the people and worshipped God. When we worship God and prostrate ourselves and meditate on the Word, that is our position in battle.

They praised God with loud, loud voice. And you as you truly praise God, praise him in a strong voice or are you there intimidated?. Above all men, it is not time to be ashamed, it is time to glorify God.

2 Cronicas 20: 20-21 "And when they got up in the morning, they went out into the desert of Tecoa. And as they went out, Jehoshaphat, standing, said, Hear me, Judah, and inhabitants of Jerusalem. Believe in the Lord your God, and you will be sure; believe your prophets, and you will be prospered. And there was counsel with the people, he put some who sing and plaunt the Lord, clothed in sacred ornaments, as the armed people came out, and say, Glorify the Lord, for his mercy is forever.

And the Levites are commanded to praise God: GLORATE THE LORD, FOR HIS MERCY IS FOREVER. 

Someone can imagine the scene, the people of Israel singing and the enemy wondering what that was, were not supposed to come to war. These were left with square eyes.

5. We must remember that our struggle is not against blood or flesh, but against principalities and powers of darkness (Ephesians 6:12). That the weapons of our militia are not carnal, but powerful in Christ Jesus, to destroy fortresses (2 Corinthians 10:4)

Our weapons are not carnal, but spiritual, they are praise, worship, gratitude, and being dadivized. And this is the super-goodism part.

2 Cronicas 20: 22 "And when they began to chant songs of praise, the Lord laid against the children of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir, the ambushes of themselves that came against Judah, and killed one another.

Then God made those who came against his people confused, and killed each other. Those who came against the Hebrews.

Imagine, if not it is true of the situation sent to him by the devil, and what I can do is to sing, worship, and to tell God how great He is. How powerful He is.

When we do this, then God will show you what He wants You to do. And if you don't show him, be smart enough to wait, until He does.



Source: Thank you for your teachings Joyce Meyer. 


Anointed for A Purpose

When a person is aligned with heaven, he will be in his purpose, because God thinks in terms of purpose, and if the person is in his purpose he is dragged or attracted to service.

Otherwise you're serving, it means you're not in your purpose. But if you are, you will no longer be an ordinary person and no longer waste your time. In addition, when a man finds his purpose, he finds his prosperity.

On the other hand, every purpose has its season, whether in politics, or in government, religion, communications, business, science, sports, technology, medicine, art, laws, etc. So which one of those is your domain?.

Isaias 46: 9-10 "Remember things past since ancient times; for I am God, and there is no other God, and nothing is like to me, who announces what is to come from the beginning, and from ancient times what was not yet done; I say: My counsel will remain, and I will do all I want."

 According to these verses, God is God and there is no other like Him, and He announces it by coming from the beginning. That is, that God created us first, established from the foundation of the world that we would be created, with qualities, tastes, desires, longings, dreams and purposes. Therefore the originator of each purpose is God.

No one gives you the purposes, neither the Church, nor the school, nor your family, for the purpose is given by God. That purpose means God's original intention for which you have been created and exist.

Purpose is nothing but God's will for our lives. In short, God is the originator of your purpose.

If you understand this, you will be free from low esteem, you will be free from your lack of identity. As an example: The designer of a piano, first makes the plans and designs so that music can come out of there and then he makes it, and finally puts the pieces together.

That's God's with us. There is no such thing as an individual arriving without purpose, because God created him first and thousands of years later, God defines when and where he will be born and be made. 

Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I took you back, I gave you a prophet to the nations." 

 God is telling you that God created you with a purpose. God is calling Apostoles, Prophets, businessmen, lawyers, medics, communicators, God is calling you to bring the Kingdom of God to earth. And if God called you, you weren't an accident, so no matter what belly you were born into, no matter your race, and no matter where you come from.

Your birth doesn't define you, so this has to break all the low self-esteem, all the rejection. That's why there's something in you, there's a fire, and that's God's purpose. As long as you do not know your purpose, your ministry is retained, because the moment you know your purpose, God releases the resources of heaven to carry it out.

Remember, God made you for a purpose, so you must enjoy yourself. God brought you here so you wouldn't cry anymore, so you don't feel rejected. God tells you, "You are my son, I created you with a purpose. Don't let the devil deceive you, because the devil is a liar." So stop complaining.


1. The dominant thoughts.

They're the ones who occupy your mind most of the time. When I wake up, I am thinking of miracles, signs and wonders, I think of the supernatural, I think of resurrecting the dead, of taking the nations for Jesus. What you're thinking is what he's telling you, that's my purpose.

But if you have patterns of thoughts of sexual ties, or patterns of thoughts of fear or fear, then you need to be freed from those strengths. A carnal mind is the enemy of God.

2. Passion.

Anything that stokes your passion, that's your purpose. You see someone sick and you have within you, a passion to heal those sick people. You see someone tied up and you have something inside you that wants to free that person,

3. Whatever your heart puts, that's what you're called to.

4. All that sparks compassion is your purpose.

When you see a child suffering, that unleashes your compassion, so that's what you're called to be.

5. The burden causes you to see things as they may be.

When you have a burden to build a people, you raise up a group to move in the supernatural power of God, who casts out demons, heals the sick, resurrects dead, in the name of Jesus. So whatever your burden, that's related to your purpose.

6. Everything that makes you angry indicates your purpose,

What moves you is an indication of your purpose.

7. Purpose always brings about change.

Because purpose confronts the current state of affairs. God challenges you to change things, to challenge religious people. God lifted you up to go beyond normal, to move you in the supernatural. I love the Holy Spirit, I want the Glory of God.


1. God's purpose is not discovered, it is revealed.

The purpose must be revealed, because it comes from God and God is supernatural, therefore it has to be by a supernatural method.

God speaks to your spirit, or uses someone, but he speaks to you and tells you your purpose.

2. You can't know your purpose, until you know God.

When they meet God, you're going to find yourself. That's why you should be continually looking for God. 

3. You must be in the right environment.

Your purpose is a potential within you. And when we're in the right environment then that potential puts a lawsuit inside you. Because otherwise it doesn't come out. 

So, what is the right environment for the Leon to grow, for the eagle to fly high and for those who have purposes to develop?

To. The manifest presence of God.

B. The power of God manifested.

C. And God's revelation through his Word.

Where there is this, there is a demand in your potential, and you start to grow and you continue to grow. God brought you to this reading to realize that potential. Hence, we are the product of our environment.

4. There's a holy frustration inside you.

To get the answers you're looking for, you start looking for God.You don't want to be an ordinary person, you'll want to be a reformer, and a spearhead.

5. Ask the Holy Ghost.

He's got the plans. He knows what you're called to be. He created you.

6. You need supernatural skills to carry out your purpose.

You will not achieve that through your own strength, you need the ANOINTION, which is the power of God to fulfill your purpose, to make your assignment here on earth.

Anointing is given to you according to your purpose. And when you find your purpose, you find your anointing and that anointing intensifies every day that passes.

You are anointed for something, but you must understand that being anointed is empowered to do what God told you to do. Remember, you're not an accident, you're anointed for something. Anointing consecrates you for something.

When did the anointing come to Jesus?

Luke 3:21" It came to pass that when all the people were baptized, Jesus too was baptized; and praying, heaven opened, and the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form, as a dove, and came a voice from heaven saying, Thou art my beloved Son; In you I am pleased."

Jesus was baptized in Jordan. And Jordan means death as well. Therefore, God's way is to also refuse.

The place where you surrender to God is where you will be empowered to fulfill your purpose. In other words, it dies to things that are preventing them from doing God's will, die to obstacles, die to carnal desires.

If you live under this anointation, you live divine protection, under divine influence, under his control and under his authority. Therefore, He anoints you in the place you surrender.

Today God says to you: give up your career, give up your business, give up that person that your parents tell you not to hang out with them.

The Holy Spirit of God is ministering to you, God is healing you right now, God is freeing you. Feel his presence. He loves you and wants what's best for you.


"Father, on this day, I surrender to you. I will do your will, I will make your purpose. My answer to you is yes to your call. Here I am. Send me. Give me your power, give me the supernatural, give me your Grace. Here I am, sir. I give up my family, I give up my relationships. I give my business, I surrender my Church, I surrender the insecurities, the doubts, the disbelief, I give what hinders my call, I surrender what does not allow me to consecrate to you. I surrender right now to you, in the name of Jesus. Amen."


"On this day, I am activated in my purpose, to the reason why I was born. On this day, I thank you for being activated in your supernatural power. And wherever I go, your kingdom, your power and your presence goes with me. Thank you, I give you Lord. And what I get today, I impart it to others, I will make a difference. I want more of your presence, I want more of your power. Thank you Jesus, Amen."